Adult Education

Adult Classes This Winter

Climate Change:  What You’ve Always Wanted to Know

Next (fourth) session will be held online, via Zoom, on Friday April 27 at 8 pm. Contact John or [email protected] for Zoom meeting ID number.

Climate change is a controversial topic, with confusing and conflicting headlines.  As part of AUUC’s year-long Environmental Justice study, the Social Justice and Green Sanctuary committees thought it wise to provide insight into this most confusing topic, which may also be the biggest challenge facing the world in the 21st century.  John Peterson is giving four sessions that will be part lecture and part discussion, based on a book with excellent reviews by a respected author, Joseph Romm:  Climate Change—What Everyone Needs to Know.  John also has experience in this area, having modeled the effects of various Government policies on electricity generation and greenhouse gas emissions for the Department of Energy.

The sessions will answer questions such as, “Why do some people say that global warming has slowed?” and “Why do some say the sea level rise will be small, while others say it will be huge?”  And “How is it that a warmer earth should result in more rainfall, and yet some people are warning of mega-droughts and dust-bowl conditions?” While much is still unknown about climate change, there are answers to these questions in the book and in the sessions.  John will also explain how the way scientists talk differs from normal discourse, and how that affects the public’s perceptions about climate change.  

The four sessions are scheduled for Jan. 26, Feb. 16, and Mar. 15 and Apr 19, April 10 and April 27, all one hour long, starting at 11:45. You can come to all or just one or two. The suggested readings from the paperback version of the book are below.  You are encouraged to do the readings before each session, but it is not absolutely necessary. There are three copies of the book in the church office, and more copies at the Fairfax County Libraries.  Note the titles of each session under the Topic heading. For more information, contact John at [email protected] or 703-278-9325.

Journal Club

Are you interested in learning more and discussing the science on climate change?

 The journal club is one of many activities for this year’s study issue on environmental justice. We will meet once a month after Sunday services in the spirit of fellowship and educating ourselves more on environmental issues. Drop-ins will be welcome.  Next session: Sunday Jan. 12, 11:30 AM to 1 PM, downstairs.

You don’t have to be an expert scientist to participate – you just need the willingness to learn more about what science can tell us about the environment – we’ll pick articles and reports that are accessible to a wide audience. For more information, contact Julie Schuck or [email protected]

Reflection and Renewal (R&R)

  Postponed due to schedule conflicts.  To be rescheduled soon!

Mid-month, mid-week, we find space to reflect, breath, and be more intentional. This is an open monthly session for deep discussion, restoring energy, and recommitting to personal values around the monthly worship theme. The setting is one of quiet reflection and gentle listening, without seeking fixes or agreement. The sessions follow the monthly worship theme.

About the Adult Spiritual Development Program

AUUC offers a variety of educational opportunities for adults including a series of core spiritual development offerings.

Specific information about course offerings will be posted on this page and in the monthly newsletter, the weekly email (“This Week at Accotink”) and in Order of Service announcements.

AUUC “Core” Program

Our “core” area classes are intended to help adult UUs (or other spiritual seekers) enrich their own UU identity, faith development, ethical development, and spiritual development. Whether coming to AUUC as a lifelong UU, from a different faith background, or completely new to organized religion, the core program is designed to assist you in navigating your own spiritual path.

Core Areas

  • UU and AUUC Introduction. “UU 101” – perfect for those new or returning to UUism, or those who just want to brush up on the basics.

  • UU History and Theology. Learn about the evolution of both Unitarian and Universalist thought, and how modern day UUism came to be; identify and articulate your own personal theology.

  • Spiritual Practice. Determine what works to satisfy your own personal spiritual needs so that you can experience reverence and connection.

  • Applied Theology. Learn about putting our values into practice, “living a good life,” social justice, ethics, and public witness.

Other Classes

We offer additional classes to satisfy spiritual and intellectual inquiry, and to deepen and enrich our lives. These “elective” classes vary widely from year to year.


For questions or inquiries about the program, please contact Adult Spiritual Development Committee at [email protected]