Adult Education

Adult Classes 


Soul Matters Small Groups

All members are invited to join Lindsay M and Liz R for the monthly Soul Matters Small Group starting November 18. Soul Matters Small Groups are designed to help us experience the monthly worship themes through a choice of selected readings and questions, not just talk about them. Its structure helps us avoid the safety of abstract analysis and instead invites us to courageously dive into the nitty-gritty of our daily lives through deep listening. 

Soul Matters Small Groups offer the gift of spiritual connection by providing a space to listen to each other, listen to our lives, and listen to our deepest selves. Together, these three sacred practices of listening – to each other, the world and our deepest selves – add up to a more intentional and authentic life.

Meetings will be held for 1.5 hours each month via Zoom on the 3rd Thursdays from 7:00pm – 8:30pm  and will run from November 2021- October 2022. Please register at if you would like to participate, or continue participating in small groups. The zoom link will be provided in the confirmation email sent at the time of registration.

If you want more information, please contact Ali Mills.

We are also seeking volunteers to co-facilitate these sessions. Please reach out to Ali Mills [email protected] if you are interested in training to become a co-facilitator for one of our future sessions. Our next group after this will start in February 2022.

About the Adult Spiritual Development Program

AUUC offers a variety of educational opportunities for adults including a series of core spiritual development offerings.

Specific information about course offerings will be posted on this page and in the monthly newsletter, the weekly email (“This Week at Accotink”) and in Order of Service announcements.

AUUC “Core” Program

Our “core” area classes are intended to help adult UUs (or other spiritual seekers) enrich their own UU identity, faith development, ethical development, and spiritual development. Whether coming to AUUC as a lifelong UU, from a different faith background, or completely new to organized religion, the core program is designed to assist you in navigating your own spiritual path.

Core Areas

  • UU and AUUC Introduction. “UU 101” – perfect for those new or returning to UUism, or those who just want to brush up on the basics.

  • UU History and Theology. Learn about the evolution of both Unitarian and Universalist thought, and how modern day UUism came to be; identify and articulate your own personal theology.

  • Spiritual Practice. Determine what works to satisfy your own personal spiritual needs so that you can experience reverence and connection.

  • Applied Theology. Learn about putting our values into practice, “living a good life,” social justice, ethics, and public witness.

Other Classes

We offer additional classes to satisfy spiritual and intellectual inquiry, and to deepen and enrich our lives. These “elective” classes vary widely from year to year.


For questions or inquiries about the program, please contact Adult Spiritual Development Committee at [email protected]