AUUC Auction

AUUC Annual Services Auction

October 24

The Annual Services Auction is Oct 24—our biggest, most important fundraiser of the year.  Make your donation now at this link
Social distancing is making us all creative.  Please consider items such as zoom dinners, zoom game nights, lawn mowing, grocery shopping, pet walking, homemade goodies/breads/meals, hand crafted items, among others.  See more donation ideas here.
Donate now and donate often!!!

And remember to mark your calendars for October 24!!!!!

-Ken H. for your Auction Committee

Such a Deal for YOU!!!!

Want to offer a Zoom meal but don’t want to drive?

AUUC Delivers!

Use Auction Zoomers to deliver your meals to your guests. We deliver up to 10 meals for only $30 (charged to the donor) for your event.

Auction Zoomers delivery is available in the Auction Catalog!