AUUC Social Justice Study Issue

AUUC Social Justice Study Issue for 2016-2017

Racial Justice in America

Racial Justice in America is the focus of the AUUC 2016-17 Social Justice Study Issue.  Rev. Scott has built a program (click here) including sermons, books on racial justice in America that are being used for adult education, and a series of films.  We are also considering a forum near the end of the program that might include: police/community relations with a discussion of how we can help build trust.


  • 9/18: Sermon: Whence Race?
  • 10/02: Book Discussion: Their Eyes Were Watching God
  • 10/16: Sermon: E Pluribus Unum – on Diversity

January 2017

  • 1/15: Sermon: The Whiteness of the Whale: White Supremacy in Film and Literature
  • 1/15: Book Discussion: Slavery by Another Name
  • 1/27: Film: “Reconstruction”


  • 2/12: Sermon: If You Do Not Know Black History, You Do Not Know American History
  • 2/12: Workshop (Co-led by Rev Scott and RW Carney, III)
  • 2/24: Film: “Slavery by Another Name”


  • 3/5: Book Discussion: The Fire Next Time
  • 3/5: Sermon: Undoing the Residue of White Supremacy: How to Be White Allies
  • 3/24: Film: “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize”


  • 4/2: Sermon: Transcending Racism with Relationships
  • 4/2: Film: “Glory”
  • 4/9: Book Discussion: Between the World and Me


  • Late May: Public Forum/Town Hall
  • Summer 2017: The Richmond Pledge