Beacon House Christmas Gifts

The Season of Giving is Here!

As you begin shopping for the holidays, please consider purchasing a special gift for a child or teen from Beacon House.  Each year, Accotink families have shown enthusiastic support for this holiday gift program to benefit young people served by Beacon House who live in the Edgewood Terrace Community in Northeast, Washington, D.C.

This year we will once again have two ways of providing these gifts:

You and your family may pick a star from our Beacon House “Tree of Stars” located in the church gallery. Each star has the age and gender of a Beacon House child or teen, ages 4 – 18. There are a few stars for senior citizens & families served by Beacon House. Click here for a Wish List with plenty of gift suggestions.

Please place your unwrapped gift in the Beacon House gift bin in the church gallery by Wednesday, December 11th. There is a special box in which to place any gift cards.


Beacon House staff has given Accotink the names of 15 children, ages 6-17. Each child has shared two or three gift wishes in the price range of about $30 to $50. (You may want to partner with another AUUC friend or family for the gift purchase.) If you choose one of these children, please purchase ONE of the gifts from the child’s wish list. Be sure to firmly attach a card with the child’s name to your gift.

If you would like to buy a gift for one of these 15 Beacon House children, sign up here

Please purchase one gift for your child (you choose just one of their ideas), and bring it to church by Wednesday, Dec. 11. Gifts should be unwrapped with a card attached stating the child’s name. You may sign the card with your name(s) or as “Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church.”

Interested in learning more about Beacon House and ways you can get involved?  Please consider joining our AUUC-Beacon House Liaison Team. Contact Nancy D, John P or Marsha W for more information. Or email [email protected] and ask to be connected to this team.

Check out Beacon House’s Facebook page to see what’s happening there!