Children's Education

2020-2021 School Year (Virtual) 

Classes begin September 20!

Our children’s religious education (RE) programs this year are all online! Classes will be divided into the following age groups all with simultaneous start times of 11:30. The duration of the class time will vary depending on age group.  Elementary classes will run approximately 30-40 minutes, the Jr. UUth class will run approximately 1 hour and the Sr. UUth class can run about up to an hour and a half.

In keeping with the safe congregations guidelines, we will still require two background-checked adults to be present during meetings. We recognize that parents are their children’s most important spiritual educators and getting a chance to attend class and learn more about our classroom rituals and vocabulary will give you new or different ways to discuss spirituality and religion at home. We invite you to volunteer to teach or serve as a volunteer in a virtual class for this upcoming year. As with past years, we will not have RE classes on Sunday’s with multigenerational service.

Early Elementary (Preschool to Grade 1) 11:30-12:00

Soul Matters (Thematic). The early elementary classes will use this theme-based religious education, enabling parents, children and the whole church to go on the same spiritual journey each month.  Soul Matters has been recreated for online use this year. Another new aspect of this curriculum is the addition of focused, age appropriate lessons on Anti-Racism and dismantling white supremacy each month. Activities for this age group are action and object based-like embodied meditations, art activities, and Wonder Box elements, as well as employ treasure hunt and “find and show” strategies.

Older Elementary (Grades 2– 5) 11:30-12:00

Soul Matters (Thematic). The older elementary class will also be using the same themed curriculum as the younger elementary class but is geared to an older age group.  This theme-based religious education, enables parents, children and the whole church to go on the same spiritual journey each month. Each month the class will have an entire lesson focused on Anti-Racism and dismantling white supremacy each month.  While very similar to the younger elementary class this age group is more comfortable with online meetings but still need short, active, experimental small group activities to build relationships and keep their attention. Some activities for this age group include: simultaneous creation, science experiment-based lessons, treasure hunt approaches and “find and show” strategies.

Jr. UUth (Grades 6-8) 11:30-12:30

Crossing Paths (World Religions). Jr. UUth will use this middle school curriculum that uses interfaith exploration to build UU Identity through engagement with other faiths.  This experiential curriculum helps youth get to know and understand other religions by exploring their theology, rituals, values, and history.  We honor the idea of religious pluralism (i.e. religions developed to help specific groups solve specific problems; God/gods etc. are many different things to different people) and that there are things to be learned from each faith.  This year will include virtual field trips to meet with and interview different faith leaders and tour the spaces these traditions call home.  We will begin with a review of Unitarian Universalism and continue on to explore Judaism, Christianity, and Catholicism this fall.  Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Quaker tradition will follow in the spring.

Sr UUth (Grades 9-12) 11:30-1:00

Soul Matters (On the Road & Social Justice Sunday). The Sr. UUth group will pull resources from the youth Soul Matters thematic packet called, “On The Road.” As we have in previous years, we will also have Volunteer Sunday during days with Multi-gen service and encourage participation in service regularly in order to develop a sense of belonging to a community and what it means to be UU.  We are also scheduling a member of Social Justice to visit the Sr. UUth monthly for Social Justice Sunday to facilitate discussions on current social justice causes and encourage ways for the youth to become more actively involved in the community inside and outside of AUUC.  Some of the discussions will focus on racial justice, elections, LGBTQ, hunger/homeless, climate, healthcare, environment, immigration and disabilities.

Volunteer Opportunities

The programs we offer are a truly collaborative effort. They have grown out of the hopes and hard work of the members and friends of this faith community. The Children’s Spiritual Development Committee leads an extensive ministry that is staffed by many volunteers from the congregation, including those both with and without children currently in the program.

All volunteers regularly working with our young people must undergo an application process to volunteer, submit to a criminal background check(s), follow our Safe Congregation Policy, and sign a Code of Ethics. In addition, volunteers in the Coming of Age Program will meet the parents or guardians of the youth prior to the program. 

If you would like to join a teaching team, assist in a classroom, or help the program in another way, please contact [email protected]

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Children’s Spiritual Development Program, please contact:

Director of Spiritual Development (DSD), Ali Mills, at [email protected]

Children’s Spiritual Development Committee Chair, Mike Fuller, at [email protected]

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