The Communications Committee supports AUUC by facilitating the sharing of information among members, friends, visitors, AUUC leadership, UUA and affiliates, other churches and organizations, and the broader community.  Internally the committee works to promote and facilitate effective communication with the Board, Council, committees and the congregation. The committee also works externally to promote open Accotink activities and to increase Accotink’s visibility within the community with publicity and advertising in local media.

The committee has developed guidelines for the congregation on working with communications to publicize activities/events.


  • Newsletter, The Accotink Unitarian — publish and distribute via email this monthly newsletter. This newsletter is sent to all church members and friends. Those without access to e-mail receive a printed copy in the mail (copied and distributed by the Administrator). It is also posted on the church Web site and printed copies are available in the entryway (especially for guests and visitors).
  • This Week at Accotink – publish and distribute this weekly email update. It is sent to all members and friends.
  • Order of Service – Coordinate with the Administrator in developing the order of service. Communications prepares the content for the supplemental section on activities
  • AUUC Website – With the Administrator, oversee the Web Communications is primarily responsible for managing content. Develop content in coordination with committees, leaders, and staff. (Administrator responsible for all forms, databases and overseeing hosting of site)
  • Social Media – responsible for coordinating development and posting content to AUUC’s social media, including Facebook, Facebook parents group, and Twitter.
  • Community outreach – send publicity notices to local news Submit activity notices online to local event listings—news outlets and others. Place paid advertising in local media as needed and as budget allows.
  • Signs – develop and place fixed roadside signs in various nearby locations and temporary roadside sides for larger events.
  • Brochures – with Administrator, coordinate development of an AUUC general brochure and a series of brochures on committee/groups/activities (e.g, social justice, children’s program, garden, Green Sanctuary, Memorial Garden)
  • Other publicity – help coordinate and conduct other publicity or advertising activities such as direct mailings or e-mail announcements. In coordination with other committees, Communications may help develop other documents as needed.

Committee Membership

The committee membership is largely task oriented. The Communications chair, appointed by the Board, oversees the committee’s tasks. Other committee members may include a Web site coordinator, newsletter editor/production, This Week coordinator/editor, social media manager. Communications works with the church administrator, minister, Board president, Council chair and others. Membership on this committee is open to anyone who would like to volunteer their time and expertise.

Meetings of the Committee

The committee meets on an as-needed basis, generally about every two months. The committee chair determines the time and location of the meeting, as it fits into the members’ schedules. Much of the work of the committee is done by e-mail or over the phone.



The Communications Committees primary responsibility is to publish the newsletter once a month and This Week each week.

The church administrator prepares the order of service handed out each Sunday morning.  The Communications Team provides the content for supplemental section with activities (much the same items as included in This Week but often shorter versions with any emails/links spelled out as people will be reading a hard copy).

The weekly email is sent out via the church Mail Chimp account (maintained by the Administrator with help from Communications) to all AUUC members and friends.  All AUUC all-member email communication is sent out through this Mail Chimp account.

The monthly newsletter is prepared by 2 people. One person edits the articles submitted by members fo the church (deadline the 20th of each month). Another person lays out the text in a Publisher template, adds graphics and does final editing. It is posted in pdf format (a version without the Caring Connections) on the AUUC website and is sent to all AUUC members and friends in an email from the Mail Chimp account. Members receive a link to a pdf version (with Caring Connections info) of the newsletter in the Communications Team Google Drive. The Administrator also makes a small number of printed copies to send to those requesting it and copies are made available at the front entrance for visitors/newcomers.

Communications also manages AUUC’s Facebook, Facebook parents group, and Twitter account.  Communications regularly posts about upcoming church activities and announcements and other items of interest to members.