Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church

10125 Lakehaven Court, Burke, Virginia 22015 (703) 503-4579
Burke, Virginia
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AUUC Leadership

Administrator (Congregational Administrator) RW Carney III  [email protected]
Adult Spiritual Development Committee Chair vacant [email protected]
Building & Grounds Committee Dick Robison [email protected]
Children’s Spiritual Development Committee Chair Mike Fuller  [email protected]
Coffee Team Leader Judy Stah [email protected]
Committee on Our Ministry (COOM) Chair Chris Fuller  [email protected]
Communications Team Chair Debbie Cohen [email protected]
Denominational Affairs Dean Wanderer [email protected]
Director of Spiritual Development Lara Profitt  [email protected]
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Debbie Cohen [email protected]
Financial Advisor Joe Tuggle  [email protected]
Greeters Team Leader John Long [email protected]
Historian Jan Forsyth [email protected]
Human Resources Chair Ed Kringer  [email protected]
Leadership Development and Nominating  Mary Kringer [email protected]
Membership Committee Chair Jill Jones [email protected]
Memorial Fund & Committee Chair Don Eckerman  [email protected]
Minister Rev. Pippin [email protected]
Music Director Brad Rinaldo  [email protected]
Newsletter Editor Sandy Beeson  [email protected]
Pastoral Care Team Debbie Cohen [email protected]
Pledge Drive Coordinator Dave Muirhead [email protected]
President, Board of Directors Kristina Watts [email protected]
Program Council Chair Vanessa Hall [email protected]
Recreation Team Lead Vanessa Hall [email protected]
Religious Education Coordinator Allison Mills [email protected]
Rental Committee Chair Al Stolpe  [email protected]
Sacred Wheel Nancy Melito [email protected]
Social Justice Committee Chair Ed Kringer  [email protected]
Sound Team Leader Dave Muirhead [email protected]
Stewardship Committee Chair Jim Girard [email protected]
Treasurer Ed Cochrane  [email protected]
True Accotink Colors Quang Tran [email protected]
Ushers Team Leader Suzy Porth [email protected]
Vice President, Board of Directors Peter Kahle [email protected]

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