Congregational Covenant

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Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church Congregational Covenant

Believing that living together in peace is a spiritual practice, we, the members of Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church, enter into a covenant with one another to build a joyful community that sustains us in our search for truth and meaning.

We aspire to live AUUC’s purpose in the following ways:

  • by accepting that individuals are unique with their own gifts, needs, growth, limits, and identities while lovingly holding each other accountable for actions in the spirit of this covenant;
  • by respecting the rights and dignity of each individual, our community, and the world at large;
  • by listening with open hearts and minds and expressing ourselves with integrity through peaceful communication;
  • by supporting one another in good times and bad, and by coming together in our safe community for life-enriching connections and experiences;
  • by being stewards of our community, acknowledging that church is an active pursuit enriched by many types of contributions;
  • and by working together for justice and equity in our congregation, the surrounding community, and the wider world.

Though we know it is impossible to provide guidance for every human encounter, we hope all who come here will strive to conduct their relationships with the intention that this document sets forth. Recognizing that we are all human, we aspire to forgive ourselves and others when we err from the covenant, work together to make amends, learn from our mistakes, and recommit to this covenant. Finally, we acknowledge that this is a living document, meant to be improved according to church community needs.

Adopted by the congregation on June 3, 2018.