COVID-19 Response Updates

All in-person church-sponsored activities, including in-person worship services, are online until further notice. Worship services will be offered live and online.

Your leadership wants to keep you updated on the latest AUUC COVID-19 response. Please refer to these letters for specific updates.

Message from AUUC President, September 1, 2021

Sunday Service Re-Entry Logistic Team Updates

The Team (Rev Levwood, Jan Forsyth, Jenn C, Dave M, John L, and RW Carney) had a lengthy meeting last weekend and made good progress identifying and creating a plan to solve logistical issues surrounding a multi-platform Sunday service. Dave has been working on the sound system and analyzing the needed modifications and additions for it. Jenn will be working on purchasing and setting up additional video equipment. We hope to have the sound and video systems in place within a couple of weeks. The need for additional ventilation in the sanctuary will be analyzed and purchases made, if necessary. 

Capacity and traffic flow considerations are being examined and John L will continue to work with the Greeters and Ushers to work out protocols.

We are hopeful that we can get all these bases covered for a multi-platform service in early October. Critical to this aspirational timetable is the recruitment of additional Greeters, Ushers, and Tech volunteers (2-3 in each category). Together, and with your assistance and cooperation, we can make this happen!

Please contact me, or other members of the Team, with any questions or to volunteer your time for Sunday services.

Your president,
Jan Forsyth

An Update from the Director of Spiritual Development, September 1, 2021

Hello RE Families!

I know you all are anticipating the time when we can reconnect in person as much as I am. While we are gearing up to determine what religious education programming might look like for the upcoming year, we would like to share a few updates about our program.  With the rise of the Delta variant, it’s become apparent that we’re going to be nowhere close to “normal” for some time.  However, I look at this as an opportunity to welcome and embrace changes to our RE program. This whole year has been trial and error but many of us learned some new things that moved us out of our comfort zone, I know I did!

As we begin to return in-person, our focus will be on opportunities for fellowship and reconnecting. During this upcoming year, we imagine religious education may take the form of outdoor and indoor team bonding activities, multi-generational worship services, social emotional learning, play, games, silliness and social justice projects as well as resources to bring RE into your family life . These opportunities for fellowship and connections will help us as we move towards re-building/re-gathering with thought and meaningful intention.  Then we will plan to introduce some more traditional RE classes including curriculum/lessons & OWL classes as we move further along.

In order for all of these wonderful events and activities to take place we need several more volunteers.  I have already reached out to our talented and highly dedicated team of volunteers who have helped in the past, but we are still in need of more volunteers to support our in person programming for this upcoming year. We look forward to our once robust religious education program becoming active and vibrant again, but can’t do this without a dedicated group of volunteers. We hope you consider sharing your talents with our religious education program at AUUC by filling out the following form.

AUUC will be implementing a universal mask requirement for all indoor church activities, including religious education. Each of the RE classrooms downstairs also has its own dedicated air purifier and AUUC has increased the frequency of our cleaning services. The comfort and safety of our teachers, facilitators, and participants are our first consideration in determining how we move forward with our religious education program.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to support you or your family. I am also available to speak if you have any questions or concerns. The re-entry task force is on their way to making even more updates which will be communicated over the upcoming weeks. 


Ali Mills, Director of Spiritual Development