COVID-19 Volunteering Opportunities

A lot of us have asked ourselves, given our UU values and in this time of pandemic, what can we do to help? Many of our traditional hands-on volunteer opportunities are closed to us, but there are still some organizations who are asking for in-person volunteers. For those of us unable to serve in this capacity, we can always donate money to organizations on the front-line helping people directly impacted but often overlooked. 

New Opportunity: Mutual Aid in South Arlington This Weekend

As our governments continue to press for re-opening, it’s easy to look at increasing traffic, people out at stores and returning to social life and think the COVID crisis is waning. We know the numbers of cases and the death toll tell a different story, yet every day we see our leaders faltering, pushing for increased production at a time of national mourning and uprising. 

Those most vulnerable to COVID-19 are still vulnerable. Black, brown, and indigenous community members were among the first to become ill and they are the folks who have been working on the front lines this whole time. As businesses re-opened, so did the courts. Many in our communities are even more at-risk now for eviction and displacement.

We are all tired of this pandemic, but we cannot let up in our willingness to show up in solidarity with those directly impacted in our communities.

Join us and La ColectiVA in supporting our neighbors in South Arlington this Saturday, August 1!  There are three ways to help: 

  • Shopping/Donation drop-off: We have created a Sign-up Genius to help ensure every household receives food and supplies. Please sign-up for what you plan to drop off here: or if you want to finance our shopping donate here or Venmo @SURJ-NoVa
  • Rent support: You can also contribute for rent support, to help keep our neighbors safe in their homes. Donate online or through Venmo @lacolectiva
  • Volunteering: If you can’t contribute financially, we’re always looking for volunteers to support these mutual aid efforts through [reimbursable] shopping, personal fundraising, day-of roles, and more! Sign up to volunteer here:

Below is a list of organizations suggested by AUUC members. These are non-profits providing help that need your support to continue their efforts. Each organization’s link is included so you can get more information on what they do, what volunteer opportunities they may have, and how you can help.   

If you know of another organization responding directly to COVID-19 needs in supporting vulnerable groups, please send the information to [email protected] and it will be added here and to next week’s listing.

Local Area Organizations Accepting Both Food and Financial Donations

Organizations (Some Local) Accepting Monetary Contributions Only