Environmental Justice


From September – December 2020, the Social Justice Committee, Green Sanctuary Committee, and the Racial Justice Committee are bringing current topics in environmental justice to Accotink. We will suggest articles, movies, and books that can help you to understand some of the issues that People of Color face regarding environmental racism, health disparities, food and housing issues. 

As Robert Bullard, father of Environmental Justice says, Race and class still matter and map closely with pollution, unequal protection, and vulnerability.  Today, zip code is still the most potent predictor of an individual’s health and well-being.  Individuals who physically live on the “wrong side of the tracks” are subjected to elevated environmental health threats and more than their fair share of preventable diseases. Still, too many people and communities have the “wrong complexion for protection.”  https://drrobertbullard.com/

You are invited to participate in the following activities:

Let us learn together, so we can act together, to create a more inclusive and anti-oppressive community that nurtures one another and our earth.


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What is environmental justice? Read one explanation here.

Image result for environmental justiceThe Green Sanctuary, Social Justice and Racial Justice Committees invite you to explore the issue of sustainable waste management with us.