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No in-person church-sponsored activities, including worship services, until further notice.
Please read our message here for full information.

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Upcoming Events

  • Rev. William’s start date, Sun., Aug 1

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Coffee Hour Every Sunday

All members, friends, and visitors are welcome to stay after service each week for greetings and coffee hour at approximately 11 AM. Grab yourself some refreshments and join in discussion about the service or catch up with your church friends.  

Parent Support Group

Take a few minutes to check in with your fellow AUUC parents!  Plan to listen and share your current concerns and joys. We will have an hour to chat on the third Tuesday of every month at 8 pm. Bring something to drink, your secret candy, a craft project, or all of the above!  Join the Zoom Meeting here (Meeting ID: 934 6296 2161
Passcode: 326174).
Questions?  Contact the DSD ([email protected]) or see the AUUC Parenting Facebook page.

Pastoral Care Team

We wish to let you know that we are always available to you with a friendly ear and conversation. If you are in need due to an illness, injury, the effects of isolation, or some other challenge, please reach out to us.  Our contact email is [email protected].  

Welcome Rev. William Levwood!

The AUUC Board is very excited to announce that we have contracted with Rev. William Levwood to join us as our contract minister for one year, with an option for renewal or for to be called as our settled minister.

Rev. William comes to us from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee (UUCT) where he has served as the settled minister for the last three years. Prior to serving in Tallahassee, Rev. William was a chaplain for several years at the Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. He has a Masters of Divinity from Starr King School for Ministry and an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland. Before his call to ministry, Rev. William was a professional dancer and also an early childhood education teacher for many years. He will be moving to Virginia with his wife and daughter to be closer to family. 

Rev. William has a passion for environmental and racial justice, excellence in worship, including worship for all ages, and a nurturing spirit for sustaining and deepening loving community. While in Tallahassee, he spearheaded the church’s anti-racism and transgender advocacy efforts. In fact, many of the efforts that Rev. William led at UUCT are very similar to our own efforts at Accotink over the last year to raise awareness on antiracism and LGBTQ+ issues and promote broader community action. Social justice is the reason Rev. William says he became a minister. Additionally, he is a passionate preacher, compassionate teacher and lover of the arts. For all these reasons and more, we are excited to welcome Rev. William to Accotink this year, beginning on August 1.

The Traveling Chalice:  Bringing the Light Home

Purpose: The Purpose of the Traveling Chalice Program is to deepen our understanding of one of our most familiar Unitarian Universalist symbols. The light of the Chalice connects us all together and is a sacred element of our beloved community. The Chalice may also be used as a symbol of hope when one is feeling or experiencing a sense of darkness. We will learn about its history and how it brings people together through learning and love.

How the Program Works: Each week starting June 6th a family/household (not just those with children) will take home the Traveling Chalice, which will be inside a special Chalice Box. A google sign-up sheet is available for household members to sign up. You may want to use the Chalice during your meals, family meetings, or as a bedtime ritual. Choose a reading from the materials provided or make your own. Take a photo of the chalice (is the Chalice on your dining room table, mantle, next to a bedside table?) and post it on the Accotink UU Church Community Facebook page or send it to Ali. Record your experience in the included journal. 

  • How did the chalice enrich your experience?
  • In what ways was the chalice used?
  • If you created your own reading, you may share it in the journal.

Bring the box and all of its contents to the next family’s home the following week so that the next family/household may use it.  

The Box Includes A handmade one-of-a-kind Chalice, used specifically for this program; Special Cloth, Battery Operated Candle, Votive with Wax Candle, Pen, Journal, Chalice Lighting Readings, and a book titled A Cup of Light: All About the Flaming Chalice by Pamela Baxter.

For questions or assistance with delivery contact Ali Mills at [email protected].  

AUUC’s Summer of Service

Welcome to sUUmmer of Service at AUUC!  The AUUC sUUmer of Service booklet was designed for grades pk-5 but can be enjoyed and adapted for all ages. This workbook includes simple weekly projects that help your children learn the joy of service. When asked that inevitable question on the playground, “What do Unitarian Universalists believe?,” they will be able to reply that UUs believe “Service is Our Prayer.” 

We put legs on our faith, living our principles out in the world. Each week we will learn a little about who we are serving, and use our hands, hearts and creativity to make that week just a little better for those we serve.

Download AUUC’s SUUmmer of Service booklet for children.

Social Justice Study Issue News: 8th Principle Adopted by AUUC!

At the annual meeting on June 6, 2021, AUUC voted to adopt the 8th principle, as worded here:

“We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote: Journeying toward spiritual wholeness by building a diverse, multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”

Adding this principle to our other 7 is a critical first step in advocating for racial justice within the UU community and around the world. Thank you for voting to make it happen!!!

As of mid-June, 101 UU congregations have adopted the 8th principle, and more consider its adoption each month. It’s time to Celebrate! Gather those close to you, those who care about building a multicultural Beloved Community, and celebrate with us with this uplifting short video: Playing for Change (Kool and the Gang “Celebration”)!!!

Beacon House On-line School Supplies Drive

Our UU urban ministry, Beacon House, will be providing new book bags and school supplies to children and youth enrolled in its program for fall.  Area UU churches, including ours, are participating.

Blu School’s website is: will take you right to the Beacon House ordering page.  Note there are three kits available for purchase.  Like last year, Beacon House has preselected kits by grade level: K-3 is $16.26; 4-5 is $32.12; and 6-8 is $27.36. There is also an option to order 50 masks for $47.50.

So that school supplies can be aggregated and delivered to Beacon House, the firm cut-off date for ordering is Monday, July 14. By clicking on the kit, the items will populate (there is more in the kit than the initial photo). For Questions, contact Marsha White.

Beacon House School Supply Drop Off at AUUC
In addition to ordering Beacon House School Supplies through Blu School, you can also drop off supplies at AUUC under the eave on the front pouch near the kitchen window.  From June 6-July 25, there will be a covered collection box. If you have more than the box will hold, or notice it is full, contact Marsha White. The box will be checked at least weekly. See a list of suggested itemsAll supplies are welcome.


AUUC Virtual Yard Sale

Looking for treasures or do you have some to get rid of?  As a service to our members and friends, and with a side benefit of raising some extra funds for the church, we are doing a COVID-safe virtual yard sale. How does it work? Click here to find out. 

July Outreach: Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice

AUUC’s Outreach Collection for July supports the Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ). UUSJ represents the views of UU’s on Capitol Hill and before federal agencies. UUSJ sponsors the monthly Write Here/Write Now campaigns, which give UU’s nationwide a chance to write to their representatives about an issue before Congress.   

Under COVID, UUSJ has conducted its meetings with Congress via Zoom and teleconferences, and many Accotinkers have participated in those meetings.  UUSJ has gone national!  Our new Board of Trustees members are from around the nation and are very diverse, including members of communities impacted by injustice at the national level. Our own John P, Vice Chair of the UUSJ Board, will speak at our July 11 service. 

If you would like to participate in AUUC’s advocacy activities, including UUSJ activities, please email [email protected]

Donations may be made online through the AUUC website any time during May. Click Donate, then check “Monthly Outreach Offerings”. Or you may mail a check to AUUC; make checks payable to AUUC with a note ‘outreach’ in memo line. Thank you from the Social Justice Committee, sponsor of AUUC Outreach Collections.

Welcome to AUUC

The Greeters Team would like to reach out to welcome you and to provide more information on AUUC.  Please provide your contact information to [email protected]We look forward to connecting with you!

Stay Connected

Help from AUUC Tech Team 

The AUUC Tech Team is here to help you access Zoom and other technologies! Please email us at [email protected] for help, and we will be glad to talk by phone or online to guide you through. Technology may have challenges, but it also brings an exciting opportunity for AUUC to stay well connected; we hope you will be as charged up as we are to learn new things and get connected!

Weekly Email

AUUC sends out a weekly email update, “This Week at Accotink.” If you are not receiving this email message each Thursday evening, please send a message to [email protected] and ask to be put on the distribution list.

DSD Office Hours

Ali is available for meetings and chats by appointment on Tuesday-Friday as well at least 3 Sundays a month. Email [email protected]. For Zoom info email [email protected].

Connecting our Kids and Youth

Please see your “This Week” email with information about kids Coffee Hours, Youth Activities, and Parent Support Group meetings.

Connect with the AUUC Community on Facebook 

Join and use the private Facebook group “Accotink UU Church Community. It is there for AUUC Members and Friends to share announcements and discussions related to our church community. In these difficult times, use it for ISO (In Search Of) and Offering Help (if there is something you or your family needs help with or if you can offer to do a specific errand). Many of us are frequently on Facebook so the odds are that such postings will get prompt attention and responses. Facebook group – Accotink UU Church Community:

Please Subscribe to the AUUC YouTube Channel!

During this time of virtual worshiping, all of our sermons will be uploaded to YouTube for later viewing. Please be aware that they are not shown publicly on AUUC YouTube channel. If you would like to watch these videos at anytime, use this direct link We also need at least 100 subscribers to have a custom URL for our new YouTube channel so please click on the red Subscribe button. Thank you!

AUUC Newsletter Pause

In this time of rapidly changing events and adaptations, AUUC has decided not to publish our newsletter for the duration of the physical distancing and building closure due to the COVID-10 outbreak. This better allows us to respond to and publicize activities that are being postponed, cancelled, or reworked for an online format. It is our hope that you, our community, will rely on the more current information available online on our website, in the This Week Email, and on our social media platforms.  Thank you for your understanding. This page will provide many of the articles and features you’d expect in the newsletter.