Your Family's Experience at AUUC

Sunday Mornings at a Glance

What can you expect on a typical Sunday morning at AUUC?

9:45 Guests, friends, and members arrive. Visitors sign in and are welcomed at the entrance. New families are encouraged to stop downstairs and meet the teachers and Director of Spiritual Development. (Let teachers know of any allergies or other conditions that would affect your child’s participation in class.)
10:00 Worship begins, with families in the sanctuary. Children participate through the “Time for All Ages.”
10:15 Children leave the sanctuary with teachers for class as the congregation sings the Reeb Child Benediction (words found in hymnal). Parents are welcome to accompany children to their class.
11:15 Worship and classes end. Children in 7th grade and above will be dismissed; parents must pick up younger children from class. All are welcome to join the social hour upstairs.

Several times a year, we have multi-generational services where children are often incorporated into a more visually stimulating service with stories, dance, and experiences that are enjoyed by all ages. Families are encouraged to allow their children to experience the entire service as another path to spiritual growth and community building. The nursery will be open for infants and particularly restless youngsters.

So what can you and your child expect from RE at Accotink? 

You can expect a safe and nurturing environment where your child has an opportunity to grow spiritually while experiencing friendship, fun, and opportunities to change the world. AUUC is a warm and welcoming community with opportunities for you and your child to be involved in the service, Religious Education class, social and social justice events, and community.

Sunday Services

We have weekly worship services at Accotink on Sundays from 10:00 to 11:15 AM with a social coffee service afterward. During most Sundays, children are welcome during the first 15 minutes of the service until the congregation sings them to the RE classes downstairs.  Several times per year, we have multi-generational services where children are often incorporated into a more active and visually stimulating service with stories, dance, and experiences that are enjoyed by all ages. 

Sunday RE Experience

For our Sunday RE experience, children are separated into class by developmental age. The focus of Sunday RE is to encourage each child to identify their own spiritual path by using stories, conversation, play, hands-on activities, and various media platforms. But most important to each age is to ensure that the children treat each other with fairness and dignity while following the UU principles.

Opportunities for Children and Youth

Most of the opportunities for children and youth at Accotink involve a social, service, or spiritual aspect, including Ease Into the Season (a holiday crafting and gaming event), the UNICEF Halloween costume parade, our Christmas Pageant (celebrating the pagan, modern, and Judeo-Christian aspects of the holiday), the AUUC annual auction, and other events. We try hard ensure that each event outside of service has opportunities for families to socialize and enjoy themselves.

We encourage children to use their voices to identify specific issues that interest them or causes to which they want to contribute. Our children organize and are involved in a variety of Social Justice activities, including: creating weekend meal packs of food for children who suffer from food instability, making and serving food at an annual hypothermia shelter, identifying non-profit organizations for outreach support by the entire congregation, etc.


AUUC is committed to assuring your child’s safety.  We abide by the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Safe Congregations guidelines: all of our volunteers who work with children in our church classrooms and childcare are background-checked and sign a Code of Ethics regarding appropriate behavior with minors; we require at least two background-checked, unrelated adults be present in our classroom and childcare settings at a ratio of 1:5.  

Special Needs

We welcome all children, youth and adults at AUUC. Our Principles value each person’s inherent worth and call on us to support one another on our spiritual journeys. Many of the curricula have suggestions for how to adapt activities for a diversity of abilities and learning styles. Each individual has different needs, and by planning accommodations together, we hope to provide a successful learning experience for all. Please do not hesitate to speak with the DSD or Rev. Pippin about your child’s special needs.

Welcome to Accotink!

 We firmly believe that children are the future of our church, thus we strive on Sunday and every other day possible to ensure that they feel they have a safe place at Accotink where they can learn about themselves, their faith, and develop friendships. We have found that children and youth make long-lasting friendships through their RE classes and social events.