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It’s Pledge Season!

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Our Campaign, Our Goals, Our Beloved Community

Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church FY2020 Pledge Drive

We all took different paths to arrive at Accotink, but we all share the common mission of living  compassionately and creating beloved community, locally and globally. That sentiment exists in our hearts and minds and is shown through our words and deeds. The founders of Accotink who commissioned the building of our church sought to create a sanctuary for reflection – of the self and of the world around, a place of acceptance and nurturing care, a space to be inspired, and a meeting place for both members and diverse community groups alike.

As we enter this year’s Pledge Campaign season, please reflect on what being a part of this community means to you and what you can contribute to help ensure the ongoing mission of this church. Stewardship is the element that makes all others possible. This means stewardship of the world that is our home, of the communities in which we live, and of this church that we love.

The Unitarian Universalist tradition is unique in that it is the lay people who decide the direction of our church, by electing leaders, responding to congregational surveys like the recent WIN Survey, and by voting on major issues affecting the congregation. It is we, the members and friends, who own the building and everything in it as a community. Our spiritual home beyond belief gives us great pride of ownership.

As owners, it is our responsibility to provide the financial support to maintain our ministry and fund the expansion of our programs and services. Your time, talent and treasure are what make our “spiritual home” a vital and vibrant provider of service to our church congregation and the local community.

Why pledge?

Pledging, and the financial contributions that follow, is our primary and most significant source of funding.
Our annual pledge campaign lets the Board and financial leaders know what income they can count on during the next fiscal year. Your pledge is a commitment that provides critical insight into our future financial stability.
Your financial contributions allow the church to continue being the spiritual home we envision, providing a place for meditation, support, education, and putting our values into action. Some of the outcomes of a successful pledge campaign include the stability to continue our community outreach, music ministry, the Our
Whole Lives (OWL) program and Religious Education – helping all ages to search for truth and meaning. We will be able to provide training opportunities for our staff and increase staff salaries and benefits to maintain a competitive standing among churches of our size in a high-cost area. Currently, a Chalice Lighter Grant offsets some staff costs, but to retain current staff levels, our community will need to carry that incremental cost into the future.

Give until it feels good!

It takes the community to keep the church running. Every contribution is important. To reach and exceed our target, we need everyone. As you determine your pledge for FY 2020, please consider how important Accotink is to you. Please show your love and care for our community through your generous pledge and help us forge our future together. Become a new donor if you haven’t pledged before, or if you have, consider increasing your pledge from last year.

No matter what level you pledge, we are grateful for your contribution. Please consider the important efforts we are engaging in and the important spiritual mission we share. Your generous contribution ensures and sustains everything we do together.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with Reverend Pippin Whitaker or Dave Muirhead, our Pledge Chair, at [email protected]

use our online pledge form or complete the hardcopy pledge form

Pledge form
Securities donation instructions
2020 Pledge Info Sheet

Our Goals and Targets

Our goal for the FY 2020 Pledge Campaign is to raise at least $330,000, a 10% increase from last year’s drive. We hope to accomplish this by increasing both the average pledge as well as the number of pledge
units. We are also setting a goal to increase from 114 pledge units to 120. This may seem like a lofty goal, but there is no doubt, Accotinkers can rise to the occasion.

If we exceed our funding target, the greater our ability to enhance our financial resilience for the future! The Board and Financial Advisor have a keen eye on optimizing the budget, spending wisely and making the investments that promote the best outcomes for our whole community. We entrust them with that charge, and we enable them through our generous donations.

We want to continue to support and grow our wonderful programs, and we want to be financially stable to support additional needs as they arise, such as chair refurbishment/replacement, lower-level accessibility, church expansion, charitable giving increases, grounds and building repairs, community engagement, etc.

How much should I Pledge?

Our annual pledges have ranged from $100 to $11,000.

The UUA publishes the ”Fair Share Guide” providing guidance to determining a level of pledge commitment for your household. In this guide, the UUA recommends that church members contribute between 2% and 10% of household adjusted income (accounting for unexpected major expenses and income). Of course, each household’s circumstances are unique, however, we hope you will use this guide in determining your level of contribution.

There are many ways to fulfill your pledge, cash and non-cash: lump-sum check; direct deposit; monthly draw; weekly; Tax-advantaged stock or security donations; etc.