Holiday Happenings

Ease into the Seasonease-2

Join us at the church for some fellowship and to start the holiday season on a high note on Saturday, December 3, 2016, 4 – 6 pm!  We’ll “ease into” celebrating this holidays with seasonal activities such as crafts, holiday decorating, cookies, cocoa and adult beverages. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the community.
If you would like to host an activity or contribute to our assortment of cookies and other treats, sign up online.  Bring your friends!

Family-Oriented Christmas Eve Service

We need a host of participants of ALL AGES to lift our spirits with the traditions of Christmas. From reindeer to elves, from wise men to musicians, from stage hands to narrators, even directors, we need you. Involve the whole family and holiday guests! Visiting grandchildren welcome. We have speaking and non-speaking parts for cute toddlers up to lively adults. 6th graders and up are encouraged to help direct the performance and provide production support. Musicians are appreciated to delight us with their talents!
Please sign up by Dec. 4. The performance is held during the Dec. 24th service at 5pm. A recommended rehearsal will be held Saturday Dec. 17 from 2-4pm for the whole cast.
Watch for details and signup in the gallery or sign up online
Please contact Julie Schuck ([email protected]) for more information.

NEW for Holiday 2016:  Beacon House Christmas Gift-Giving

We are offering a more personal way of giving holiday gifts to children and teens served by Beacon House.  AND, we are also keeping our traditional program.

Beacon House has identified 81 children ages 5-17 who are the least well-off, kids who may not receive any gifts this holiday season. UU churches around the Beltway have committed to donating gifts for all of these children plus the many additional children who participate in Beacon House programs.

Accotink has received the names, ages and gender of 15 children along with specific gifts each child has on their wish list. Our goal is to provide two gifts for each child:  one in the $25 or under price range and a second gift $50 or under. Additionally, we would like to collect 20 or more gifts that you and your family choose:  a gift for any boy or girl ages 5-17 in any price range.

Image result for free clipart christmas giftsHow will this work?

  • Select an envelope from our Accotink Beacon House Christmas tree
    • The envelope will have the child’s name, gender, age, a blank Christmas card, and two gifts this child has requested in the same price range. (Please choose ONE of these gifts.)
    • Sign your name on the sign-up sheet in the Gallery – just so we can be sure all of the children are covered
    • Purchase one gift for your child
    • Write a note to your child on the Christmas card; you may sign your name, if you choose or just write “Friend from Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church”
    • Attach the card securely to your unwrapped gift, and place in the Beacon House Gift bin in the church foyer
  • OR, Select a star from our Accotink Beacon House Christmas tree
    • Purchase a gift of your choice for a Beacon House boy or girl, ages 5-17
    • Bring your unwrapped gift, and place in the Beacon House Gift bin

Please bring all your gifts to church by Sunday, Dec. 11.
Thank you for your generosity and support of Beacon House children and teens this year and in previous years.Questions? Contact Accotink’s Beacon House Liaison Team members Nancy Davis [email protected] or Marsha White [email protected]