It is hard to believe it: I am already beginning my second and
final year as your Interim Minister. At the same time, I can hardly
believe it has been only a year. I have gotten to know so many of
you, and so much has been happening!
This fall we will be a part of the exciting venture of preparing
for AUUC’s future, so that ministers searching this winter for a
new congregation to serve will be excited to see what you are up
to! Your work this fall will include all our ministries (some of you call them “committees”)
looking at how to be inclusive, safe, and setting goals for growth. In September we’ll be
enjoying a leadership retreat, teacher training and religious education startup,
and a cookout. In October, our annual Auction will give us a chance to invite friends and
neighbors to a fun evening, plus a chance to raise funds for our future. And in November,
the UUA is helping you with a day-long “Beyond Categorical Thinking” worship and
workshop, in preparation for the ministerial search. AUUC is on the road to living out its
mission, honoring its legacy of the dreams of its founders, and being strong to prepare
for new members and wider impact in the community. It is a good time to be together!
— Rev. Linda