Leadership, Development and Nominating Committee

The Leadership, Development and Nominating Committee (LDNC) committee is made up of three elected members of the church. The mission and composition of the committee is stated in the AUUC bylaws. Core committee responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and nominating AUUC members to fill vacant AUUC volunteer elected positions at AUUC annual meetings;

  • Identifying leadership training opportunities and encouraging AUUC members and leaders to participate in those training opportunities;

  • Developing training materials that explain how AUUC works (e.g. AUUC 101).

Chair: Mary Kringer – [email protected]

Our Elected Leadership – Spring 2019

Later this Spring, at the Church’s Annual Meeting, the congregation will elect new members of our governance bodies. If you are interested in learning more about these governing bodies and current elected leaders or would like to nominate a church member for a particular position, please contact LDNC at [email protected]
AUUC’s bylaws provide for 15-23 leadership positions, elected by the congregation, within five entities:
Board of Directors (4-7 members w/ rotating 2yr terms and 1yr youth position)
  • Provides oversight on budget and fundraising, hired personnel, building & grounds developments, and overall church vision
  • Approves and manages church policies
  • Represents the church
 Endowment Committee (4-6 members w/ rotating 3yr terms)
  • Manages and maintains records on church endowment fund
  • Solicits contributions to our endowment
Commission on Our Ministries (COOM) (3-5 members w/ rotating 3yr terms)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Monitors progress toward plans and goals
Leadership Development and Nominating Committee (LDNC) (3 members w/ rotating 3yr terms)
  • Maintains resources and provides support to church leadership
  • Prepares nomination slate for annual elections
Program Council Chair (2yr term)
  • Coordinates Program Council meetings, activities, and functions
  • Facilitates communication between committees and groups