Memorial Committee

The Memorial Committee is responsible for all matters relating to the management, construction and funding of the Accotink Memorials. The Tree of Remembrance in the church building and the planned Memorial and Meditation Garden are collectively known as the Accotink Memorials. The chair of the committee is a member of the church Council, and the committee works with the Endowment and Finance committees to ensure that the memorials are financially independent. The committee handles all requests to memorialize members through these options: leaves on the remembrance tree, interment of ashes or a memorial plaque in the garden, or distribution of ashes on the church grounds.

Don Eckerman, Chair
[email protected]
Don Eckerman, Committee Chair

Herb Bartlett

Susan Brown

Ray Burmester

Peggy Eckerman

Ed Kringer

John Simmons

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in November for the Memorial and Meditation Garden, and the committee is moving forward toward beginning construction in the Spring. They are soliciting a landscaping company to build the garden. In addition, they are accepting donations and the purchase of memorial plaques and/or columbarium sites in the garden, or memorial leaves on The Tree of Remembrance.


Meetings are typically held monthly, at the home of the committee chair, on a morning convenient to the committee members. Contact the chair by email for the time of the next meeting.


Since the final garden plans were approved by Fairfax County, the committee is working to hire a company to build the garden. In addition, they continue to keep AUUC members informed on options to memorialize loved ones, and to seek donations for the construction project.


Committee Charter

Policies and Procedures

Memorials Fact Sheet

Memorials Brochure

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The committee has been working since 2008, when a proposal for the Memorials was approved by the AUUC Board of Directors, and fundraising began. The remembrance tree was installed in 2010; it continues to grow as members honor loved ones. After a series of town hall meetings and articles in the AUUC newsletter, the congregation approved the construction of the garden at the 2015 annual meeting.  Since then, the committee has worked with landscape designers to finalize the garden plans and gain Fairfax County approval of the project.