Accotink Memorials

AUUC, as part of its Memorial Ministry, offers opportunities to honor and remember loved ones with the Memorial and Meditation Garden and the Memorial Tree.

The committee invites you to visit the garden and tree of remembrance to pay your respects and spend some time in reflection.

The Memorial Tree

Leaves engraved with the names of church members or their family members, regardless of where their remains are located, can be mounted on a Memorial Tree in the church building.

The Memorial and Meditation Garden

The Memorial Garden, a quiet place to remember and reflect, is an area of natural beauty that provides a space to memorialize our deceased loved ones. This sanctuary, nestled in a grove of greenery and open to the sky, the sun and the rain, gives us a place to grieve, remember and be comforted through quiet reflection and meditation.

The AUUC Memorial Ministry supports church members, their families and the congregation by providing opportunities for expressing grief, sorrow and loss through memorials for deceased members and immediate family. 

For more information about the Accotink Memorials see the links below or contact Don Eckerman, committee chair at [email protected] or the administrator at [email protected], 703-503-4579.

AUUC Memorial brochure

Memorial Options (and costs)