Accotink Memorial Ministry Update

In June 2019, the Memorial Ministry committee made its annual report to the Board and made a presentation at the congregational meeting outlining our long-term goals and plans for the next church year. Placements in the church year just passed in the Accotink Memorials were:

Claire L. Brown
Judith Webster Clarke
David Edward Riordan
Brian Edward Cochrane
Raymond F. Burmester

The committee invites you to visit the garden and tree of remembrance to pay your respects.

The AUUC Memorial Ministry supports church members, their families and the congregation by providing opportunities for expressing grief, sorrow and loss through memorials for deceased members and immediate family. The Memorial committee will:

   • Provide logistic support, and attend and participate as requested, all interments, cenotaph plaque  placements or other memorial ceremonies.
   • Maintain, and expand as necessary, a memorial and meditation garden including a cenotaph wall and columbarium, and an indoor cenotaph wall.
   • Ensure names of all included in the Accotink Memorials are read at a Sunday service annually, usually the first Sunday in November.
   • Manage the Memorial Fund to meet obligations for name plates and plaques, maintenance costs and future expansion costs so that it is self-supporting.
   • Develop and maintain policies, procedures and records related to donations and purchases.

For this church year, we intend to continue pursuing our goals as stated above. The weekly routine  maintenance of the Memorial Garden will continue to be done by a landscape firm with the expense paid from the Memorial Fund.

The Accotink Memorials are not included in the annual church budget, but rather, are funded by directed donation and purchase of columbarium niche and cenotaph placements. To address need for regular income to the Memorial Fund, the committee will be asking for donations from the congregation in May
(Memorial Day) and November (All Souls).

It is our policy to give notice when we intend to remove items left at the Accotink memorials. Thus, it is the committee’s intent to remove items left two weeks after publication of this newsletter. Please remove anything you may wish to keep before July 15th.

For more information about the Accotink Memorials, there are brochures with all the details available in the foyer of the church, and If you have any questions or comments, simply send us a note at [email protected] or speak with any of the committee members. The committee members are:
Peggy Eckerman, Ed Kringer, Herb Bartlett, Susan Brown, Jeff Wilklow and Don Eckerman.

Accotink Memorials

Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church (AUUC) offers opportunities to honor and remember your loved ones with the Memorial and Meditation Garden and the Memorial Tree.

The Memorial Tree

Leaves engraved with the names of church members or their family members, regardless of where their remains are located, can be mounted on a Bronze Memorial Tree.

This provides family and friends a place to reflect and remember within the church building. The tree is located in the stairwell going down to the exit to the outdoor garden.

The cost for a leaf on the Memorial Tree is $ 500

The Memorial and Meditation Garden

The Memorial Garden is a quiet place to remember and reflect. It is situated on church property, near the main building and the lower parking area. (The Garden is being developed and is expected to be completed early in 2017.) It is a place of reflection, with benches for visitors to sit and reflect in a natural setting filled with evergreens and flowering trees.

The Memorial and Meditation Garden is an area of natural beauty that provides a space to memorialize our deceased loved ones. This sanctuary, nestled in a grove of greenery and open to the sky, the sun and the rain, gives us a place to grieve, remember and be comforted through quiet reflection and meditation.

The Garden provides a permanent resting place in a setting which is part of the church and was meaningful in the lives of the deceased. Sharing memorial activities on church grounds strengthens the sense of community for the congregation. The Garden is available to any member of the AUUC and their immediate family members.

Members may choose to have cremains interred in a Columbarium covered by a personalized bronze plaque or scattered in a designated place on the church property. A personalized bronze plaque may also be placed on the Memorial Wall regardless of the location of the remains.

Name plaque on outdoor Memorial Wall (entitles cremains to be scattered)                     $ 850

Internment in outdoor columbarium with personalized cover plate                                    $1,750

For more information contact the administrator ([email protected], 703-503-4579) or the Memorial Committee chair, Don Eckerman ([email protected])