Human Resources Committee and Ministry Reflection Council

Human Resources

AUUC’s Human Resources Committee maintains the AUUC Employment Policy Manual which establishes general guidelines for relationships between AUUC and its employees.  The Committee serves as both: an “advocate for the Church’s paid staff to promote a work environment that reflects AUUC’s commitment to adherence with Unitarian Universalist principles;” and as an advocate for AUUC as an employer. In this capacity, it assists with annual staff reviews, recommends monetary increases to the Board of Directors (BoD), acts as a liaison between the staff and the Church, and mediates grievances

Ministry Reflection Council

The Ministry Reflection Council serves to keep an open, healthy line of communication between the minister, the congregation, and the resulting ministries of AUUC. It serves to identify and manage conflicts that surface within the church, bringing systemic issues to the Board, Council and/or COOM if further action is needed. It seeks to manage conflict in the spirit of Right Relationship, seeing conflict as an opportunity for clearer communication and deepening relationship. Periodic performance evaluations of the minister are conducted by the committee as required. As its name suggests, the Ministry Reflection Council exists to reflect to the minister issues of which the minister may not be aware and to give the minister advice on matters that he or she senses as rising among the community.

Celeste Fritzson, Chair
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Ken Heller

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Suzy Porth

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Celeste Fritzson

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The MRC is in the midst of conducting the annual minister’s performance evaluation, with feedback from the church’s leadership.  Annual goals will be set for the upcoming year as well.