nUUners Discussion Group

We are members and friends of AUUC who get together informally for conversation and enlightenment.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th  Mondays  of each month (with the exception of December when we meet just one time) from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. in the gallery of the church. Beginning at 11:30, we come together to socialize and to share and joys and concerns as well as church news. From noon until 1:00 p.m. we talk about a topic that has been selected by one of the members. The leader for the day presents 10 to 20 minutes of information on the topic and then guides the ensuing discussion. Occasionally a member will sponsor an outside speaker who has expertise in a specific subject area. No one is required to lead a discussion; anyone can choose to just listen.

Come for all or part of the time.  No reservations  are required. There are no dues, no sign-ups and attendance is not recorded. Bring a bag lunch. Drinks are provided. We take turns in providing a simple dessert, usually cookies and/or fruit.  As we are a sharing community, everyone helps to set up and to clean up.

Fall/Winter 2019/20 TOPICS:

September 9:     Which Democrat Should get the Nomination?

September 23:   Universal Basic Income (UBI):  What is it?
October 14:        Homelessness
October 28:        Fraud & Identity Theft Protection
November 11:   The Changing Landscape of Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racism
November 25:   Family Holiday Traditions
December 9:     AUUC Advocacy, Emphasizing Gerrymandering
January 13:       Prisons: Privately Held or Government Contracted
January 27:      TBD

HISTORY: nUUners was formed in 1999 when our then interim minister suggested that a day-time discussion group would be a good way for congregants to connect more deeply. We started with 6-8 people. Word spread quickly and we now average 20 attendees at each meeting. The strange name came about because we originally met on Tuesdays and so called ourselves tUUesday nUUners.  When we switched to Mondays, we dropped the tUUesday.

INVOLVEMENT IN THE CHURCH:  Both individually and as a group, the nUUners support the activities of the church.  Members work in the garden, maintain the church library, serve on the Board, work to make the church more “green” and provide time, money and food to many church projects. This is done on a voluntary basis and is not a requirement for attendance.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: contact Jan Clement or [email protected]