Outreach Collections Archive

Outreach Collection Archive

Here are the organizations AUUC has supported in the past.

AUUC Outreach Sunday Collection Recipients 2020-2021

Recipients Month Function & Beneficiaries AUUC Coordinators / Sponsors
Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ) July Coalition of area (& beyond) UU churches organized to advocate in support of UU values & social justice issues at federal level, including Write Here, Write Now, visits to Congress John Peterson
Federation of  Virginia Food Banks August Works with seven regional food banks statewide, uniquely positioned to provide help to the most hungry people in Virginia, including school-age children, older adults, vulnerable populations Sarah Pevner
Congregation Action Network Covid 19 Fund September Provides emergency support for housing, health care, work authorizations, legal aid for immigrant families, specifically those who do not qualify for local, state, or federal support Liz Reed
Doorways for Women  and Children October Provides immediate, safe response to  victims of sexual & domestic assault with a hotline, safe housing options, trauma support services, including people of color & LBGTQ+ communities; volunteer opportunities Lindsay Muirhead
Casa Ruby November As the only LGBTQ bilingual and multicultural organization in the area, Casa Ruby provides services and housing to 6,000 annually, particularly youth True Accotink Colors: Kate Heilig
Just Neighbors December Provides legal assistance in NOVA to low-income immigrants including DACA recipients, those with TPS, asylum seekers, helping to obtain documentation Jan Forsyth
Homestretch January Empowers homeless parents (many single moms) with children to attain permanent housing, self-sufficiency; provides skills, knowledge, and hope John Peterson
VOICE February Interfaith group organized to listen to concerns of 50+ members; then promote actions on key issues: get out the vote, housing, education Pam Cox, Suzy Porth, Dotty Smith, Chris Stunkard
Beacon House March Provides afterschool education, organized sports, nurturing & mentoring to 400 youth, helping close the achievement gap for low-income children/teens in NE D.C. Nancy Davis
paws4people April Educates prisoners in 5 WV prisons to train service dogs that are given to veterans, children with special needs; WREN is AUUC’s p4p puppy-in-training Nancy Davis
Opportunities, Alternatives, and Resources (OAR) No. VA May Supports incarcerated individuals & their families through release preparation & post-release services to ease transitions, prevent recidivism Dotty Smith &    Kathryn Adams
No Child Goes Hungry/Accotink June Provides weekend meal packs weekly to 35 low-income Halley ES children and involves AUUC children, teens, adults in meeting these food insecurity needs Social Justice Committee:
Nancy Davis, Shelley Brosnan


AUUC Outreach Sunday Collection Recipients 2019-2020

Organizations Month Function & Beneficiaries Sponsors


VOICE Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement



Interfaith group organized to promote actions in affordable housing, get out the vote and more to support low-income families Suzy Porth, Pam Cox, Dotty Smith, Chris Stunkard


Life with Cancer

https://wwww.lifewithcancer.org/ Provides counseling, support groups for people experiencing cancer through wellness, nutrition & exercise programs Glory Smith


Beacon House

www.beaconhousedc.org/ Provides academics, organized sports & mentoring and nurturing for low-income children/teens in NE D.C. John Peterson


Haven of Northern VA

https://www.havenofnova.org/ Trained volunteers provide emotional & grief support, workshops to bereaved, seriously ill, the dying and their families Jill Jones



http://paws4people.org Educates prisoners to train service dogs for veterans, children with special needs; CHESSIE is AUUC’s p4p dog Lara Profitt,
RE classes,
Nancy Davis


Just Neighbors

https://www.justneighbors.org/ Provides legal assistance to low-income immigrants including DACA recipients in Fairfax County and nearby areas Jan Forsyth



http://homestretchva.org/ Empowers homeless parents (many single moms) with children to attain permanent housing, self-sufficiency John Peterson


OAR of Northern VA Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources No. VA

https://oarnova.org/ Supports incarcerated individuals about- to-be-released & their families to ease transitions and prevent recidivism Ed Kringer


SPARC Specially Adapted Resource Clubs

www.sparcsolutions.org Provides learning & social activities for young adults with life-long disabilities in 4 local clubhouses Jessica Burmester


FACSFaith Alliance for Climate Solutions

www.faithforclimate.org/ Interfaith group advocating for climate change solutions. Presents united positions & connects with local policy makers. Marsha White


NAMI Northern Va National Alliance on     Mental Illness

www.nami-northernvirginia.org/ Makes available education, support groups, and advocacy for friends, family, and people with mental illness Daria Akers


NVTRP – Northern VA Therapeutic Riding Program

www.nvtrp.org Offers equine assisted activities to children & adults with disabilities, veterans, at risk youth Tessa Hassett


UUSJ – Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice

www.uusj.net Partnership of area UU’s to mobilize & amplify voices supporting immigration reform, economic & climate justice, defending our democracy. John Peterson,  Ed Kringer