Event Photos

Tail”-gate Picnic with paws4people Guests (03/20/2022)

Sunday Service – What Comes Before Spring (03/20/2022)

Fill-the-Gap Fundraiser Tiles (09/20/2020)

Accotink’s latest church improvement is complete, thanks to our generous community members. The wall at the side entrance to our church is now a colorful display of our unique UU personalities. These are the tiles that many of you purchased earlier this year from our Fill-the-Gap fundraiser to help close out last fiscal year’s budget. A total of 54 tiles were purchased and painted. A special thank you to Don, Dale, and John for all the installation work. Take a look at our beautiful wall!

Spring Flowers at AUUC (03/21/2020)

As we stay home practicing social distancing and being safe from the COVID-19 pandemic, Spring has arrived and dressed up the grounds at our home of worship. Let’s take a break and smell the (virtual) flowers.

Sunday Service – What Viruses and Anxiety Have in Common (03/08/2020)

Dinner & Movie: The Clean Bin Project” (03/07/2020)

Photos of AUUC Green Sanctuary and Social Justice Committees’ screening of “The Clean Bin Project”.  Our guest speaker Helene Shore from 350Fairfax.org and Virginia Green Baggers led the discussion after the movie. It was informative and eye-opening. We learned about ways and products that could help us reuse, reduce, and recycle our waste. AUUC is challenged to reduce their waste stream that ends up in local landfills. Much thanks to all who helped bringing delicious food and setting up to made it an enjoyable night for everyone.

White Supremacy Teach-In Service & Discussion (03/01/2020)

Yesterday’s White Supremacy Teach-In service was followed by group discussion. Thank you to those who participated and shared your personal experience. We learned a lot from each other.

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