Event Photos

Sunday Service – Time and Turnings (12/29/2019)

Photos from our last worship service of 2019, “Time and Turnings”, led by AUUC member Judy Robison.

Sunday Service – Yule / Winter Solstice & Holiday Pageant (12/22/2019)

A multigenerational service lead by AUUC’s Sacred Wheel. This year Sacred Wheel and the Children’s Spiritual Development Committee have worked to merge our annual Yule and holiday pageants featuring AUUC’s own children and youth.
After service AUUC members signed postcards for our state delegates and senators to ask them to allow undocumented people to have drivers licenses. 

Sunday Service – Blessings Upon Our Journeys (12/15/2019)

Before and after worship service yesterday, AUUC members had the opportunity to purchase beautiful, hand-made Christmas ornaments and craft items. 50% of the profits were donated to the church playground fund. Thank you all for your generosity and continued support of AUUC.

Sunday Service – Don’t Take The Bait: Privilege Is Not The Opposite of Oppression (12/08/2019)

Sunday Service – Honestly Grateful (11/24/2019)

Burke/Fairfax Crop Hunger Walk – November 17, 2019

Some photos of AUUC members participating in the Burke/Fairfax CROP Hunger Walk last Sunday. Much thanks to everyone who donated to our team to help those in need. Learn more about the walk here burkecropwalk.org

Sunday Service – Who Says It’s A Crisis? November 17, 2019

Exciting things happened at yesterday’s service. We had special guests from paws4people, a child dedication, and musical performance by Jake S. We also continued our Write Here Write Now campaign for the fossil-fuel free Fairfax County petition.

DACA Rally – November 12, 2019

AUUC members Ed and Mary joined several thousand supporters rallying in front of the Supreme Court to demand protection for DACA recipients and all immigrants.

Opossum Branch Stream Monitor – November 10, 2019

AUUC member and Fairfax County certified stream monitor Kristina W. was joined by other adult members and children to monitor Opossum Branch stream right in our backyard. It was a fun and educational activity. This is one of many ways in which Accotink UU Church participates in making a positive impact on our environment.

Sunday Service – Tending to All that We Are – November 10, 2019

Sunday Service – Not Just Us – November 3, 2019

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