Safety and Security Task Force

A safe and secure church means that all of the people, places, property, programs and processes of the place of worship are functioning in a way that is as free from the potential for harm as possible, 24 hours per day, every day, in every service and activity. At the same me, leaders, volunteers, and church members need to be ready to respond to a threat or emergency of any kind, get assistance, and help themselves and others. The primary issues that most churches face are actually the or vandalism; however, plans need to be made for a number of other scenarios, including (but not limited to) physical and mental health crises, natural disasters, missing persons, fire, and violent events (e.g., active shooter, domestic disturbance).

The objective of this task force and associated policies, procedures, and training is to provide security without interfering with the core mission and activities of the church–in other words, to both protect the faithful and continue to be a welcoming community.

Points of contact: Vanessa Hall and Nancy Melito

Task Force Charge