Stewardship Committee

AUUC is an independent Church and a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association. As an independent Church, AUUC must generate all of its income, manage its finances, and pay all of its expenses.

Sources of AUUC revenue

  • Annual member contributions (pledges)
  • Rental income (from rental of the church facility)
  • Annual Services Auction
  • Other fundraising activities

Management of Funds

The Board of Directors maintains a written financial management system under the auspices of the Financial Advisor. This system includes, but is not limited to, procedures for the collection and disbursement of funds, the development of the budget, the establishment of special funds, investments, acquisition and disposal of capital equipment and real property, and regular status reports to the Board and to the Congregation.

Budget estimates developed in accordance with the financial management system are presented to the Congregation prior to Board approval. The operating budget is approved by the Board of Directors.

An Endowment Fund has been established and is overseen by the Endowment and Bequests Committee.

The fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30.


Stewardship includes activities, which are integral to the life of Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church. These include contributions of time, talent, and treasure. As an independent religious institution, Accotink depends on the generosity of its members and friends to sustain quality programs and welcoming facilities. In addition to volunteer activities, fundraising is an essential element of Stewardship.

The Stewardship Committee works together with the Financial Advisor to organize, plan, and carry out the annual Pledge Campaign, fundraisers, and certain outreach activities. Stewardship coordinates the Pledge campaign through the Pledge Task Force. Stewardship coordinates fundraisers and events that raise additional operating revenues and/or broaden AUUC’s presence in the Community. These include events such as the sanctioned Annual Volksmarch, in conjunction with the Northern Virginia Volksmarch Club; concerts and other “coffee house” events; and the annual AUUC Services Auction.

From the AUUC Vision Statement:

Stewardship is the element that makes all others possible. This means stewardship of the world that is our home, of the society in which we live and of this church that we love. We commit to give freely of our time, talent and treasure so that this loving community will thrive and grow sustainably and continue to spread its life saving message.

Jim Girard
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John Hall

Ken Heller

Jim Girard

Dick Robison


Next Steps Consultant – In October of 2016, the Stewardship Committee hosted Bill Clontz a member of Mount Vernon UU and a UU stewardship consultant. The purpose of the visit was to provide our congregation and our leaders with an objective eye in gathering information and identifying strengths, opportunities, and areas needing improvement. This visit examined all areas of the congregation; Bill met with the staff, lay leaders, and volunteers throughout the visit. AUUC leadership is now discussing how to implement the recommendations made in his report.


Pledge Task Force

Annual Services Auction



Pledge Form (add link)


  • Pledge Task Force
  • Auction Task Force

Annual Pledge Campaign

Stewardship is an integral to the life of Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church. AUUC is fortunate to have members who contribute their time, talent and treasure to maintain and nourish our programs and facilities. As a free standing religious institution, Accotink thrives on the generosity of its members and friends. Fundraising is an important element in sustaining the quality programs that AUUC offers.

How Much Do People Pledge per Year?

Pledges range from $200 to nearly $10,000 a year per pledge. Our median pledge is nearly $2650 per year. Some do not have that much, and some have much more. We cannot all pledge the same amount, but ALL can pledgeSOMETHING. Pledging is a sacred act and a religious duty for those who are able to give.

Why should I pledge and not simply drop money into the plate?

Pledging helps us know how much income to expect, and thereby helps us plan a sustainable budget to fund our ministries. All donations are gratefully received, but it is not easy for our financial team to manage our expenses without a somewhat accurate guide as to how much income to expect. Pledging makes everything easier for our leaders.