Our Monthly Theme

April: A Month of Becoming

The theme for April is Becoming. We will explore this concept from many directions this month: in online worship, check-ins and reflection, religious exploration, and more. We offer these readings and inspirational words to accompany you as you explore commitments in your life. May you find inspiration here.

Minister’s Blog

“It is spring! The season of rebirth and emergence is upon us, and I have been delighting in the gradual return to green. It seems that the pandemic has brought me closer to Earth’s rhythms…” Read more here: Minister’s Reflection


“Amid all the noise in our lives” by Tim Haley

Amid all the noise in our lives,
we take this moment to sit in silence —
to give thanks for another day;
to give thanks for all those in our lives
who have brought us warmth and love;
to give thanks for the gift of life.

We know we are on our pilgrimage here but a brief moment in time.

Let us open ourselves, here, now,
to the process of becoming more whole —
of living more fully;
of giving and forgiving more freely;
of understanding more completely
the meaning of our lives here on this earth.


“All That We Have Been, All That We Will Become” by Leslie Ahuvah Fails

All that we have been separately
and all that we will become together
is stretched out before and behind us
like stars scattered across a canvas of sky.
We stand at the precipice, arms locked
together like tandem skydivers
working up the courage to jump.

Tell me, friends:
What have we got to lose?
Our fear of failure?
Our mistrust of our own talents?

What have we got to lose?
A poverty of the spirit?
The lie that we are alone?

What wonders await us in the space
between the first leap
and the moment our feet, our wheels
however we move our bodies
across this precious earth
touch down softly on unknown soil?

What have we got to lose
that we can’t replace with some
previously unimaginable joy?

Blessed are you, Spirit of Life
who has sustained us, enlivened us
and enabled us to reach this moment.*

Give us courage in our leaping,
and gratitude in our landing.
And share with us in the joy of a long
and fruitful ministry together.

*This sentence is an adaptation of a Hebrew prayer called the shecheheyanu. In Leslie’s words, “It’s a blessing for anytime you do something you haven’t done in a long time or you’re doing something for the first time—or when doing “annual” events that you should feel blessed for having lived to see come around the wheel of the year again. Or: for when you survive a close call. Or when you are about to do something adventurous.”



“The Pearl (a gift of the vernal equinox)” by Linda Haggerstone

I stand here before the ancestors
empty and hollow
and open to the waves.
I am a shell awaiting the bright
sunlight to warm me
the black sea to fill me.

Deep within, a grain of sand so sharp
and fine comes to rest
while each day, on this shore,
the sun kindles the fire of my soul
and ev’ry night, dark
waters purify me.

Then the tiny grain, a speck of grit
soon begins to grow,
becoming full and moon-shaped
until from this lowly, lonely seed:
precious and new,
a perfect pearl is formed.

I fear for this delicate being,
but it is stronger
than I can imagine,
Seafoam green and shrimpy pink, by turns,
it blushes and glows,
lit up with inner joy.

It grows within me ’til the time comes:
the womb-like chamber
of my heart opens wide
and the pearl wakes, breathing the first breath
of a new dawn, wild
with possibility.

Nourished, blessed by sun and sea, the seed
has developed well.
Born whole…entire…complete…
lying here with me on the shore,full
of hope and promise,
this is Spring’s gift to me.