Our Monthly Theme

September: A Month of Renewal

The theme for September is renewal. We will explore this concept from many directions this month: in online worship, check-ins and reflection, religious exploration, and more. We offer these readings, songs, and inspirational words to accompany your journey of renewal this month. May you find inspiration here.


“It is September. Following the traditions of our church and many UU churches, I have been preparing for the ingathering service. Ingathering in a time of coming together after when for some feels like a summer break. Ingathering will look and feel different this year, for the obvious reason that we will not be together physically in the sanctuary. I have been reflecting on what this means for us, and what we need most for this ingathering.

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“A New Day Awaits” by Rev. Scott Tayler

We who long for return, who long for repair,
gather again to mend the tender strands of connection,
between each other, the world
and those parts of ourselves buried deep.
We begin, once more, the work
of welcome,
of forgiveness,
of renewing this weary-worn world.
Come friends, a new day, a new story, awaits!


“Meditation on Community” By Rev. Gretchen Haley

Full piece at https://revgretchenhaley.wordpress.com/2016/06/07/meditation-on-community/

Please join me in a spirit of prayer, or meditation….

      feel the presence of all the other people in this room and consider all of the many stories and connections that they were calling to mind, as you were calling yours to mind….

     There are many stories in our room, we know, and many more stories of those who aren’t with us today but are a part of our community- and so let us keep on breathing into our connectedness, our oneness.

    Community is messy, imperfect, yet it is also saving, healing, transforming. As another church year [begins], let us recommit ourselves to our shared purpose, remembering to breathe in and out when we are disappointed or frustrated or hurt along the way.

     Let us practice forgiveness, and beginning again, and keep remembering that God lives in the spaces between us, and the greatest goodness is possible in our coming together. And so let us keep reaching out, keep drawing in, keep loving, and breathing, together.”

      Amen, blessed be.


“May The Light Of Your Soul Guide You” by John O’Donohue

Please visit this prayer at this link. We do not have permission to reproduce it here. https://sacredmoves.com/general/the-blessings-of-john-odonohue/