Our Monthly Theme

July: A Month for Renewal

Our theme for July is Renewal. We will explore renewal from many directions this month: in online worship, check-ins and reflection, religious exploration, and more. We offer these readings and inspirational words to accompany you as you explore the idea of renewal in your life. May you find inspiration here.


Author Unknown

Our different paths come together in this Holy place. Graced by the history of our free religious heritage. Let us be mindful of the forces deep within which call us to become more than we are. May this hour bring rest and renewal, comfort and challenge. May we be reminded here of our highest aspirations, and inspired to bring our gifts of love and service to the altar of humanity. May we know once again that we are not isolated beings, but that we are connected – in mystery and in wonder to each other, to this community and to the universe.


“A Web of Holy Relationships” By Lyn Cox

Spirit of Life,
Who draws us together in a web of holy relationships,
Make your presence known with us and in us and among us.
Remind us that we are not alone in history,
Ignite us with the courage of the living tradition.
Remind us that we are not alone in entering the future,
Anchor us with patience and perseverance.
Remind us that we are not alone in our times of grief and pain,
Comfort us with your spirit, manifest in human hands and voices.
Remind us that we are not alone in joy and wonder,
Inspire us to honor and extend the beauty we find in this world.
Divine music of the universe,
Let our hearts beat in diverse and harmonious rhythms,
Cooperating with an everlasting dance of love.
May we move with the rhythms of peace.
May we move with the rhythms of compassion.
May we move with the rhythms of justice.
Source of stars and planets and water and land
Open our hearts to all of our neighbors
Open our souls to a renewal of faith
Open our hands to join together in the work ahead.
So be it, blessed be, amen.


Social Renewal as Spiritual Practice

Dr. Barbara Holmes points us to the interwoven nature of love— love of God, of self, and of neighbor. In her meditation, she sees this time of crisis as an opportunity for a great re-imagining of our society and how it might function for the good of all.