Virtual Yard Sale

Announcing the AUUC “Virtual Yard Sale”

As a service to our members and friends, and with a side benefit of raising some extra funds for the church, we are doing a COVID-safe virtual yard sale.  Here’s how it works:

Clean your attic, garage, closet, storage space, or anyplace that you have secreted priceless items that you never use and have likely forgotten you own. Toys, kitchenware, books, decorations… who knows which of your treasures will make another Accotinker smile?


Take a picture of each such item and submit it with a description to the Yard Sale website at This will look familiar—it’s the same process we use for Services Auction donations.  There is no timeline required for submitting items.  They will remain up for 30 days from the time you submit them unless they are sold sooner.  You can provide a minimum bid and you can provide a “Buy It Now” bid if you wish. 

When you are done, press “Submit Donation.”  Your item will be reviewed and posted in the catalog within a couple of days.


When your item is sold, you should contact the winner to arrange payment and delivery. IMPORTANT:  All participants are expected to use safe COVID procedures.  Wipe all items with sanitizer, wear a mask, maintain social distance (at least 6 feet), and wash your hands when you are done.  If practical, we recommend you leave purchased items in an accessible place for pickup, but if that’s not possible, please do “contactless” exchanges.  If you prefer, you can purchase the “Delivery Service” and, for a donation of $5 per load, we will deliver small items to the winner.


We are asking that you contribute at least 50% of the sale price of your items to AUUC, but this is on the “honor” system. If the buyer pays you, just make a donation in whatever amount seems fair to the church with “Yard Sale” in the memo line.  If the buyer pays online, you may request reimbursement from the church for your share of the proceeds.


If your item does not sell within 30 days, you can ask that we re-post it as many times as you like. If you do not ask that it be re-posted, unsold items will be removed after about 30 days.  The auction site itself will open on January 1 and remain up as long as it continues to have benefit, so come back often to post more items or to see what’s new.


Questions?  Contact the Auction Team at [email protected].