Vision Statement

Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church Vision

We the members of Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church, affirm the vision of this congregation for the next five years to include the following elements:

Spiritual Growth
We are a religious community committed to nurturing the spiritual growth of people of all ages through shared experiences, ministering to each other, and education. Our faith development draws from a variety of common and different beliefs to encourage creative expression and a lifetime of learning.

Worship is the heart and soul of this church. Through a rich variety of rituals, traditions, music, and opportunities for participation, worship promotes and affirms our Unitarian Universalist principles. It nurtures and challenges us emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Members & Friends
Our congregation is dynamic, diverse, and multi-generational. No matter how you pray, how you vote or who you love, no matter what life has dealt you, you are welcome here. We value, support, and nurture each individual and welcome new members and friends into our programs and community.

Democratic Leadership
Our leadership guides and supports our congregation in policy development and oversight as well as program development and implementation. We are a democratic community fostering clear, open, and respectful communications, leadership development, and relationship-building among lay leadership, staff, and members.

Trained Volunteers
Committed volunteers are the backbone of our church. As a congregation we recognize and respect all volunteers’ endeavours and are grateful for their generosity, diversity of talents, and time. We provide training, support, follow-through, coordination, succession planning, and a communications network.

Social Justice
We recognize that efforts to achieve social justice, including environmental justice, are an essential aspect of our religious community. We live our Unitarian Universalist principles through engaging generously in a variety of social justice activities driven by community needs and denominational focus.

Stewardship is the element that makes all others possible. This means stewardship of the world that is our home, of the society in which we live and of this church that we love. We commit to give freely of our time, talent and treasure so that this loving community will thrive and grow sustainably and continue to spread its life saving message.