VOICE Event Oct. 16, 2016

Rev Scott here asking you to make time Sunday, October 16 from 3:30 – 5:30 PM to attend a VOICE Action at Oakton High School, 2900 Sutton Rd, Vienna, VA 22181. Come see, feel and hear what grass-roots democracy is all about. This will be the perfect balm after the nasty 2016 election season.
Many of you ask me, “How can we do more with our interfaith neighbors?” Well here is one powerful way. We will gather with at least 1500 members of VOICE. We will be a snapshot of the best that is America – interfaith, multi-racial, multicultural, of various income groups. We will be the diversity that so many people openly fear in today’s climate of intolerance. Come with us and feel what it is like to declare this democracy as “ours!” with a true cross-section of America. I assure you that you will feel refreshed and optimistic after this event about your ability to take control of our own communities by building relationships across religious, political and racial divides. 
Find your own way there, or rsvp to [email protected]org if you want to be part of a carpool that will leave the AUUC parking lot at 2:45pm.
WHAT ABOUT OUR CHILDREN? How About a Mini-Camp – A Kids-Only Fall-Fest!
To help Families attend, DSD Lara Profitt is organizing a Mini-Camp – A Kids Only Fall-FestWe will provide this for free to help maximize turnout (though we will accept donations for those who can afford to pay). Please rsvp to [email protected] if you would like to have children participate in the Mini-Camp. Let us know how many kids, their names and ages, any food allergies and emergency contact numbers. Bring your kids to AUUC by 230 on Sunday, October 16, and we will all carpool together to Oakton Senior High School at 2:45.
VOICE leaders held more than 3000 listening sessions since May, and our members identified 3 major issues: Affordable Housing, Adequate School Funding, and Safe Communities. We have drafted our members concerns into an agenda for positive change and moral public policy. Legislators from both parties, the Virginia Attorney General, public officials from Police and the School systems, as well as institutional and educational partners will all be there to publicly support our agenda. Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE) is non-profit, non-partisan, and dedicated to building the beloved community one relationship at a time. Accotink has been a member institution of VOICE for nearly all of its 8-year existence. VOICE just last year won the Virginia Governor’s award for outstanding service to the community. Voice is composed of nearly 60 Northern Virginia Institutions representing almost 150,000 citizen neighbors.
Rev Scott




VOICE October 16th Action Summary:


On Sunday, October 16th, VOICE will unveil its new organizing agenda before 1,500 VOICE leaders from 60-70 dues paying member and discerning institutions (congregations, mosques, synagogues, unions, community associations, etc) from Prince William, Fairfax, and Arlington Counties as well as Alexandria City.
VOICE talked with 3000+ Northern Virginians to develop VOICE’s new organizing agenda, which includes:
  1. Increased State and Local Investment in Affordable Housing;
  2. Expansion of Pre-K for low income families in Northern Virginia;
  3. Organizing with Parents/Teachers/School Staff/Community leaders to Strengthen Public Education in Northern Virginia;
  4. Organizing to Push for Just and Accountable Comprehensive Immigration Reform, to Combat the climate of intolerance, especially toward Muslims, and to Address local injustices in housing, schools, employment, etc faced by our immigrant brothers and sisters;
  5. Metro IAF/VOICE Do Not Stand Idly By Campaign to Address Gun Violence and to Tackle the Roots and Effects of the Unjust and Inequitable Criminal Justice System.
At the October 16th Action, VOICE leaders will 
  • share their vision for a more just Northern Virginia and the challenges we face to achieve that vision;
  • tell personal stories from everyday citizens to illustrate these aspirations and challenges;
  • lay out VOICE’s new organizing agenda to address these challenges and to achieve our vision;
  • summarize VOICE’s past successes (bank accountability, foreclosure mitigation, dental insurance expansion, US ICE accountability for processing immigration applications, housing code violations accountability, etc) as evidence of our power to make this new organizing vision a reality.
  • invite political leaders like AG Herring  and others to declare briefly why and how they are committed to being an ally with VOICE on this agenda.
The action will start promptly at 4 pm and end promptly at 5:30 pm.  A musical prelude will begin at 3:30 pm.
As a non-partisan organization, VOICE seeks allies from across the political spectrum and in the corporate and civic sectors to support our work.  We have invited other public officials to attend the VOICE October 16th Action and to declare their commitments to work with us on this new agenda as well.